Making Dorset is a long term initiative set up by the producers of Dorset Art Weeks, Dorset Visual Arts. We aim to bring more attention, recognition and celebration to our strong crafts community. 



The driving ambition is to bring high quality design and making to new markets beyond and within Dorset to be developed further. Making Dorset aims to become recognised nationally and internationally at important fairs, in notable publications and through relationships with public and private institutions, galleries and collectors,                                 and it’s own special events.

Craft is a narrative of the studio, the shared workshop, the teaching room and the school; and it is a narrative of collective and individual effort. In July 2016 fifty Dorset makers gathered at the recently renovated Wolfeton Riding House, Charminster, nr. Dorchester to launch the beginning of this initiative and mark the publication of a wonderful new book entitled              'Fifty Dorset Makers'



Making Dorset, in association with Evolver Magazine, has produced a publication called 'Fifty Dorset Makers' - this text celebrates and brings attention to our county's finest makers. Fifty Dorset  Makers is a book about individuals  that say what they do matters for our sense of cultural and even environmental heritage and hopefulness. The book will be used as the first of a number of tools and initiatives designed to raise the profile of Making Dorset and establish it as a long term brand, aiming to trigger discourse between makers, buyers and collectors and a presence at Makers Events nationally and internationally. You can purchase the book here.

You can buy a copy of our book by emailing admin@dorsetvisualarts.org

'Fifty Dorset Makers' - £10 + £5 postage


Plans to extend the membership of Making Dorset is possible in the future – if you feel that you are ideally suited to this please contact the office -                                     admin@ followed by dorsetvisualarts.org or call 01305 853100.

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Office hours are

Monday 9:30am - 5.30pm

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